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Free Antenatal Classes

Pregnancy Classes brought to you by Experts and Mums

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Free Antenatal Class 1

Exercise, Food and Drink, Sleeping, Sex, Alcohol and Smoking, Work and Travel

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Free Antenatal Class 2

Digestive System, Swelling, Weight Gain, Aches and Pains, Complications of Pregnancy

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Free Antenatal Class 3

Symptoms and Signs of Labour, Stages of Labour, Position of Baby, Breathing, Pushing

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Courses led by experts that you can read anytime that suits you, on whatever device you like, wherever you like and with whom ever you like.  And the best bit is that all our basic courses are completely free!



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Research has shown that mums and their partners that are prepared and informed fare better in the postnatal period. Make sure that you have done this antenatal class and that you are fully prepared before your baby arrives.


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